Unveiling our vision for Cache Warmer


Unveiling our vision for Cache Warmer

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In this post we want to explain to you what Cache Warmer is, why we believe in the technology behind it and why we commit our energy, time and resources into it.

How it all began

Cache Warmer started as a "hobby" project of our founder Hannes in 2014. Together with the original Codelab42 team, he had a lot of late night get-togethers where they talked about ideas, drew up the initial plans and started the development work on Cache Warmer.

After the initial launch the product seemed to be a success but because of other ambitions and opportunities, the project ended on a side trail.

A new beginning

Up until now, it is with great pleasure that Hannes, Robin & Fons gathered forces to revamp the initial project and blew new life into CacheWarmer.

Presentation of the new Cache Warmer branding

What is Cache Warmer?

As the name suggests Cache Warmer is a tool we invented that makes sure your website is always served from a warm cache. The end result is that a website using CacheWarmer will load a lot faster which in return puts a smile on the face of your visitors.

What makes Cache Warmer unique is the fact that:

  • Ease of use, no technical background is required to use CacheWarmer
  • Plug & play, Cache Warmer is setup in under five minutes
  • No cure, no pay with a 10-day free trial

The whole tool and what we offer our customers is built with these three key points in mind. Not convinced yet? We offer a free 10-day trial, set up in minutes and no credit card is required. Don't just take our word for it and take Cache Warmer for a spin.

Cache Warmer does require that you have a caching mechanisme like a Content Delivery Network (CDN), Varnish or any other caching set up for your website or api. If you are not sure if you have caching on your website, you can use our free Cache Checker tool.

Why we believe in Cache Warmer

We believe in Cache Warmer because we know, from our own experience from working in digital web agencies, that website speed really matters.

It improves user experience and facilitates higher page ranks, enhanced engagement, and increased conversions. There are a lot of cases and fact based studies online that dit deeper into this subject.

From our own experience we see that a lot of websites, webshops and API's with inefficient use of caching mechanisms so there is a huge potential and challenge.

Our mission is to make every website, webshop or API on the web that uses a caching mechanism blazing fast. Next to that we also want to support a good cause so for every new subscription on CacheWarmer we commit to plant one tree.

What is next?

At the time of writing we are working hard on multiple fronts:

We are working on this website which holds all the crucial information about Cache Warmer. The blog and the help center are crucial parts to inform our clients of the what, how and why.

We are rebuilding the Cache Warmer app from scratch and are testing all the features we implemented

We are working on new features. An example is a new easy-to-use service to monitor your website, webshop or API. If something goes wrong you get notified to take the necessary actions to keep the downtown as low as possible


We thank everybody for their hard work in the past. We are grateful for the opportunity to work on this tool. We look forward to the future and to see how Cache Warmer will grow.


Are you ready to take Cache Warmer for a spin?

No need for difficult implementations. CacheWarmer integrates easily with every website, CMS or API.